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nextFLOW - SharePoint Consulting
SharePoint Consulting, Hosting and Branding                             

nextFLOW offers a complete and comprehensive web package, starting with private home pages build-up in few minutes until professional business public websites and business intranet sites.
Together with SharePoint 2010 and our very easy to use and powerful SharePoint Branding Tool and Customizing Solution, you enjoy all benefits you need for providing and creating professional public websites and intranet sites.
With Plug 'n Play Branding for SharePoint 2010, you are able to create very easy and fast your own Design & Branding. A Live-Preview is showing you all Customizations in Real-Time.
By using SharePoint 2010 as platform, you will additionally benefit from out of the box templates & features like Document Management, Wikis, Blogs, Discussion Boards, Calendar, Outlook Synchronization, Workflow functionality and a lot of more...
Finally, with the integrated Web Content Management System you can update your Website and Content very quick and easy. Furthermore you have the possibility to split your Website into a public and internal area, secured by username and password.
This Website was designed and branded with Plug 'n Play Branding for SharePoint!           
Plug 'n Play Branding for SharePoint 2010

With this unique and online based SharePoint Branding Tool, you are able to create your
own Corporate Identity SharePoint CSS within few minutes.

Just a few clicks to change the main logo, the whole structure and layout of the website,
the mina banner, colors, navigation and a lot of more. Additionally a Live-Preview will show
you all changes directly when implemented.

After you have finished your customizations, just create and save the generated CSS file
and import the file into your SharePoint 2010 environment. That's it!


Try it out now !!

>> Plug 'n Play Branding for SharePoint 2010

SharePoint HOSTING

For private Websites and small and medium large business Intranet and Extranets we provide the perfect fitting SharePoint Hosting package.
You need support for building-up your own SharePoint Infrastructure and you need experience and know-how to create
your Intranet and Extranet business portal?
You are planning to use powerful features like process automation and optimization based on SharePoint 2010?
Let us know! We are going to share our experience with you!